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Visionaries 777 empower brands to showcase their products using cutting edge technologies.

Visionaries 777 is a multidisciplinary studio that was founded in 2010 by Frantz Lasorne and Nicolas Guyon. The team creates innovative interactive experiences by utilising emerging technologies that enhances a user’s perception of the physical world through AR applications.

Through participating in the INFINITI Accelerator 2.0, co-founder Frantz Lasorne was able to gain a deeper understanding of the automotive industry and build various digital technology concepts that would enhance the customer experience when shopping for luxury cars. Through the 12-week course content, he enjoyed unprecedented access to senior members of the business who could support the integration of new technology. They were also able to develop an interactive car configurator application for INFINITI - a product that’s designed to revolutionise the modern car showroom and enable customers to visualise and customise their ideal car with just a few swipes on a touch screen. The use of this platform and their visuals allowed customers to make on-the-spot purchase decisions due to the strong and true-to-life visuals.


Customize Your Car Without Visiting A Showroom


Co-Founder Frantz Lasorne
Co-Founder Nicolas Guyon

Incorporated 2011