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Playbasis is a gamification and analytics platform that helps businesses transform digital experiences.

Playbasis came to the DBS 2.0 Accelerator with a proven track record, having partnered with and delivered gamification experiences for companies across Asia Pacific in retail, telco and financial service industries. The opportunities offered by the DBS programme included a new market entry, a prospective client (in DBS) and potential fundraising support.

The company has raised approximately US$2.6M since 2012 in venture capital from Ardent Capital, 500 Startups, Axis Capital Partners, Cherubic Ventures, and INTOUCH Holdings. Since completing the DBS programme, Playbasis has continued discussions with DBS on how to utilise gamification for customer engagement campaigns.


Playbasis Lands $1.8M To Fuel Its Gamification For Enterprise Push
Playbasis Wants to Help App Makers Engage the Minecraft Generation
DBS Omni (Chinese)


CEO Rob Zepeda

Incorporated, 2012
Technology deployed with DBS Omni, 2017