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Hapticus is an e-commuting platform for people with disabilities and the mobility-impaired/elderly.

Hapticus joined the Infiniti 2.0 programme with their mobility platform already being deployed at a national level in Singapore.

Scaling a business beyond a keystone project is a challenge, and this was Hapticus’ key objective during the programme. With the strategy team at Nest and the mentors at Infiniti, Hapticus went back to the drawing board to determine their core value proposition. Hapticus is no longer defined by just their technology features or relationships in one market and that has enabled them to become the first startup to work with the Nissan-Renault Alliance.


Hapiticus the Developer of HeartWheels, a Transport Booking Management System Administered by SG Enable
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Founder & CEO Amir Nivy

Incorporated 2010