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BlueSignal is designed to predict future driver risk rate and traffic status from two hours to two days in advance by analyzing stored traffic information and based on the artificial intelligence algorithm.

Jason Baik founded BlueSignal in 2015 to predict future driver risk rates and traffic statuses ranging from two hours to two days in advance. By analyzing stored traffic information using an artificial intelligence algorithm, BlueSignal’s predictive analysis can help forecast what traffic could potentially be like to prevent traffic backups before they occur. The main benefit of this technology is its ability to reduce traffic congestion and to make driving safer.

BlueSignal was part of both our N15 Programme and INFINITI’s Singapore Ignition Programme. Their goal was to seek international expansion opportunities during the N15 Programme, which led to their eventual participation in INFINITI’s Singapore Ignition Programme. During the programme, they were able to meet and network with key decision makers from INFINITI and Nissan-Renault Alliance.


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Founder & CEO Jason Baik

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