Case study: VISA bootcamp

Helping FinTech founders explore partnership opportunities with banks and investors


Visa, as much as it is a global brand is also constantly trying to provide immersive, collaborative and localized experiences for its clients and partners. In this particular case, Visa was looking to bring together marquee innovators solving critical challenges in the FinTech landscape together through a bootcamp. The objectives were to provide a structured platform for FinTech startups to explore partnerships with Visa and its member banks as well as having one-on-one interactions with potential funders.

It is through this initiative that Visa teamed up with Nest to leverage its global capabilities to execute on the programme by sourcing high quality startups and providing them with access to its learning curriculum and networks. Through the global call out, Nest received 122 applications from 12 countries and out of this strong pool of applicants, 10 startups were selected. Startups were vetted and selected based on their ability to solve and drive financial literacy, personal financial management, financial education, authentication, merchant point of sales, KYC, finance & accounting tools, solutions for the un(under) banked, mobile payments and data analytics through innovative solutions.

The bootcamp provided the finalist a platform to develop partnerships with Visa and its members banks, run proof of concepts (POCs), pitch-stage for funding opportunities and access tools to Visa APIs to help them scale their startup through Africa and beyond.

There were 50+ bank partnership and VC funding discussions facilitated by Nest at Demo Day. Following the programme, the startups have achieved the following:

  • EatOut recently raised $500,000 from Craft Silicon
  • Data Integrated were finalists at the Citi Tech for Integrity Challenge
  • Sokowatch was a winner at the SWIFT Innotribe Africa Startup Challenge

Visa Bootcamp


122 applications from 12 countries across Africa

10 startups participating in a four-day bootcamp, and pitching to 9 banks, 8 investors and an audience of over 50

20+ follow-on meetings to discuss funding and running pilots